Top-Selling Backwoods Flavors Of All Time

Top-Selling Backwoods Flavors Of All Time

A Complete Guide to the Top Backwoods Flavors 

Nothing can compare to relaxing with your favorite cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap flavor. After all, a relaxing smoke break can only be enhanced by hints of your favorite flavorings! For this reason, Backwoods cigars, cigarillos, and wraps are a favorite among smokers from all walks of life. Below, we’ll dive into the many mouth-watering flavors offered by the Backwoods brand! 

Why Flavors Matter With Tobacco 

Cigar flavors can make or break your smoking experience. Naturally, tobacco is mildly sweet with rich or mellow undertones. As such, when looking for delicious flavors, it’s smart to choose something that will complement your taste preferences. 

At Backwoods, the artesian tobacco experts know what it takes to enhance premium cigars with unforgettably delicious flavor infusions! Therefore, whether you’re using Backwoods leaf wraps, smoking cigarillos, or kicking back with a fresh cigar, there’s something to please every palette. 

Backwoods Fresh and Creamy Flavors 

First of all, let’s look at the creamy and mellow flavors offered by Backwoods. Popular mellow cream flavors include Russian Cream Backwoods, Black Russian Backwoods, Backwoods Cigars Vanilla, Backwoods Sweet Aromatic, and of course, Backwoods Original. As a standard favorite, Original Backwoods cigars naturally contain creamy smooth tobacco. 

Alternatively, for a boost of sweet creaminess, there are a few Vanilla Backwoods variations. For instance, Backwoods Russian Cream cigars taste like fresh vanilla beans with bright creamy beverage-like hints. Or, Black Russian Backwoods are darker and richer with French vanilla undertones. Then, the Sweet Aromatic and standard Vanilla flavors are deliciously warm and creamy. 

Decadent and Rich Sweet Flavors from Backwoods

Next up, let’s look into the decadent and rich flavors that are designed to give off a relaxing luxury taste. Honey Bourbon Backwoods, Banana Backwoods, Backwoods Honey Berry, and Dark Stout Backwoods are good examples. Backwoods Banana cigars are creamy and sweet with the taste of ripe bananas!  

Or, the Backwoods Honey Berry flavor is one of the richest and most refreshing options. On the other hand, the Dark Stout Backwoods flavor is deeply rich with hints of stout beer and pure shade leaf tobacco. Also, the Honey Bourbon flavor is a fan favorite with the sweet taste of honey-infused bourbon! 

Tangy and Refreshingly Fruity Flavors to Try  

Lastly, if you’re in the mood for something tangy, refreshing, or fruity, Backwoods has some great options. First off, there’s a Grape flavor that’s tangy, sweet, and deliciously scented. Then, there’s a Berry Backwoods option that has an infusion of ripe mountain berries! 

Both of these fruity flavors have a very pleasant tanginess to them that lightly flavors each mouthful of smooth smoke. So, if you like delicious aromas and a mildly detectable fruitiness, these are good flavors to sample. 

Taste the Difference for Yourself 

Backwoods cigars and cigarillos were originally designed for those craving something above and beyond. Consequently, there are various flavors for each unique individual to appreciate. To see a range of Backwoods Flavors for yourself, just follow the link. Not only are there many flavors to browse, but you can access close to wholesale prices!


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